Audio Mastering

We can master any song supplied to us so that it’s ready for either CD or vinyl release. You do not have to have recorded with us to use our mastering facilities, we will master any recording done at any studio and improve its quality!

Mastering is a process often overlooked. In a nutshell, it’s the process which gives the finished recordings extra punch, presence, sheen, stereo width and finally overall loudness to compete with other commercial releases. Its akin to a sprinkling of angel dust on your creation to enhance its natural beauty!

The processing that we do makes sure that the completed track will sound great across all platforms, whether on an ipod, in the car, in the club, radio or home HIFI and help to stand it head and shoulders above the rest.

We can supply masters in Red Book CD Standard (All CD text, PQ coding, IRSC coding, including track pre/post indexing, fades and track leveling performed.) Alternatively, we can supply a completed digital master in any format that you prefer.

Here is an example of just how much a difference mastering can have on your sound. The first track is unmastered and the second is mastered in our studio. Have a listen and hear what a difference it makes.


  • High quality master of your work
  • Work with professional mastering engineers
  • 2 CD-R Masters
  • Project files / WAV’s / multitrack sessions to be taken away
  • Free refreshments and entertainment
  • Online Mastering


    By far the easiest and best value mastering service you will find. Simply upload your tracks, select how many you’ve sent to us and pay securely using Paypal. We will check your tracks prior to mastering to make sure they’re in the correct WAV format (we will let you know if they’re not). We’ll then master them for you and send you a unique link that will enable you to download the tracks from our server.

    All tracks must be in WAV format, 16 or 24 bit is acceptable. Please advise us of any special requirements / formats that you require when you upload your songs.

    1 track


    10 – 12 track bundle


    Each track after that