Verbatim has been for more than twenty years a leading brand in the field of data storage, even back in the days when CDs and DVDs had not been widespread. The name of this subsidiary of Mitsubishi stands for innovation top quality in the field of digital multimedia.

Quite recently, the wireless Verbatim Headphones powered by a Bluetooth 1.2 connection have hit the shelves with an immense rate of success. While in the past, audiophiles could not even begin to imagine that a wireless connection could be able to provide the same fidelity as the traditional cord; that is no longer the case. Let us look at a few of the advantages associated with the wireless Verbatim Headphones.

For one thing, you will be able to operate this headset for up to 10 meters away from the sound source. Consequentially, you will be able to listen to music in almost any part of your home without always to carry the player with you.

Whether you are doing physical exercises or household chores, the portability of the wireless headset can really come in handy. In addition, no longer will you be worried about tripping over the wires or having them tangled, which we all know it becomes an issue especially with excessively long and thin cords.

Another advantage that comes from the lack of cord resides in resilience. More often than not, jiggling and twisting the cable will have negative result over time, from loss in sound transmission quality to actual wire breaking.

Regardless of how resistant the cord is designed to be, it is in fact just a matter of time before it ruptures. Consequentially, depending on the value of the headset you will either need to take it into service and have the wire changed or replace the device altogether. Considering that the Verbatim Headphones with wireless capabilities are not prone to such issues, their lifespan is significantly longer.

Moreover, the lifespan for the battery of the wireless Verbatim Headphones has been greatly augmented. Users can listen to their favorite songs for roughly 4 hours before having to plug the device into the dual charger included in the package.

In addition charging up the wireless headset is also rather fast, so the downtime between music listening sessions is reduced to a minimum. In addition, you will be glad to know that none of the devices that the Verbatim headphones comes with requires a prior installation, as they can be used the moment you take them out of the box.

In terms of audio quality the Verbatim headset is has an audio frequency response between 20 Hertz and 17 Kilohertz. Furthermore, it has support for the A2DP feature, which means that now you can use the full potential of phones with that capability.

Lastly this type of wireless headset is compliant with both Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 versions, which gives it an edge over similar products. In conclusion, although you will need to spend somewhere around 100 dollars for a Verbatim headset, the price is completely justifiable through the plethora of advantages this line of devices poses.