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Just like your car (which I’m sure you wouldn’t neglect to service for years) a regular computer service is vital for your system as well.

If you are fortunate enough to have computer repair software installed on your computer this will help, but while this looks after your some aspects of your operating system software there are other components and software in your Pc that also need maintaining on a regular basis as well otherwise you will end up with a very slow computer even if it is relatively new.

The best way of maintaining your computer or PC is to subscribe to a remote computer maintenance service for instant computer help.

This is like having your own computer technician on tap with unlimited support and will help to keep your computer operating system nice and healthy without you really needing to interfere 24/7 at your convenience.

24 Hour Online Computer Maintenance Cover

As well as a premium suite of security software, quarterly system security checks and pc servicing including windows operating system updates.

Software support for most commonly used system programs including Microsoft office, open office, Skype etc.

In addition assistance with computer accessories including modems and wireless routers, cameras and printers.

Computer Cleaning

Another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to computer maintenance is the need for computer cleaning. A well built system will have at least one internal fan (and sometimes more) to suck fresh air into the system to keep it running nice and cool.

A problem with this is that no matter how clean you keep your house the computer also sucks in copious amounts of dust as well. Over a very short period of time this dust starts to clump and clog up your vital components.

This in turn will cause the components to overheat thereby degrading your system performance and it the worst cases your computer can completely overheat and fry the most expensive parts forcing an unplanned computer upgrade, sometimes to the point of making it uneconomical to repair.

If at all possible try and schedule your on site computer maintenance at least once a year as this will help prolong the life of you Pc. Also if you have a repair technician coming round to give your Pc a service it may also be a good time to schedule a computer upgrade.

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